Pre-Submission Screening Report

Presubmission screening of your manuscript is an important stage to help ensure your manuscript is ready for submission. We look at all aspects of the manuscript to identify any of the technical issues that might arise during the submission process.

We use a comprehensive checklist to see what, if anything, might need to be addressed before submission. This checklist includes:

Important Items Checklist

  • Does the title page include the required information?
  • What are the general formatting requirements?
  • Are there any word count/table/figure limitations?
  • What requirements are there for the abstract in terms of length and structure?
  • Are headings used correctly and in the correct order?
  • Are references formatted correctly?
  • What are the requirements for tables and figures?
  • Are the tables and figures cited in the main text?
  • If supporting information is used, is it cited correctly and prepared in an appropriate format?
  • Are there any other journal requirements (e.g., use of CONSORT/PRISM/MOOSE/ARRIVE) that need to be considered?
  • Are ethical statements included?
  • Are there any forms to complete before/after submission?
  • Are abbreviations used in a consistent and logical manner in the text, tables, and figures?
  • Are the statistical methods appropriate (e.g., are parametric or non-parametric tests used as appropriate)?
  • Have disclosure or author contribution statements been included?

Using the files that you provide, we will generate a report that answers these and other questions, and propose solutions to help you format the manuscript to meet the journal’s requirements.

What are your Pre-submission Screening Report Fees?

NZ$10 per 250 words

What is your service timeline?

The turnaround time is 7 working days from written acceptance of the quote. If a Presubmission Screening Report is ordered at the same time as Scientific or Medical English Editing, the report will be returned together with the manuscript. If multiple services are ordered at the same time, we may extend the turnaround time and notify you in the written quotation.