Journal Suggestions Reports

Many academic funding streams and institutional salaries are tied to the perceived publishing success. Publishing success is often based on the number of articles published by a researcher/department and the Impact Factor of the journals these articles were published in. This has led to an unfortunate situation where researchers choose the target journal based on the Impact Factor, without considering the journal’s scope and target audience.

Articles submitted to an overly ambitious journal or a potentially unsuitable journal are much more likely to be rejected. Reformatting and resubmitting the manuscript to a second- or even third-choice takes a considerable amount of time and resources, which could be avoided. Our journal suitability reports are designed to help you make informed decisions on selecting the most appropriate journal for your manuscript.

Using a copy of your manuscript, we prepare a list of three possible journals that we think would be suitable targets for your manuscript. If you have a target in mind, we can assess the suitability of this target and provide advice on alternative possibilities that may be as good or better, or may provide good second-choice targets. We search for possible targets by searching the published literature for studies covering a closely related topic with similar designs. Our reports include the following information to help select the journal:

Our Journal Suggestions Reports include:

  • Journal name, website, and editor-in-chief
  • Key bibliometric data if available (SJR rank and Impact Factor)
  • Journal scope
  • Recent related publications
  • List of other journals that may or may not be suitable targets

If you have suggested a target journal, we will include it in the report and suggest why it may or may not be appropriate for your manuscript.

Although this service cannot guarantee any of the suggested journals will accept your article, as this is dependent on the peer review, this service will improve the likelihood of progressing to peer review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your service fees?

NZ$300 for a standard report including four journals

NZ$50 for each additional journal

What is your service timeline?

The turnaround time is 7 working days from written acceptance of the quote. If a Journal Suggestions Report is ordered at the same time as Scientific or Medical English Editing, the report will be returned together with the manuscript. If multiple services are ordered at the same time, we may extend the turnaround time and notify you in the written quotation.

What if none of the suggested journals consider the manuscript?

We try to consider the scope of the research, recent publications in this field, and the likely impact of the research to the wider community. Of course, the journal editors/peer reviewers might perceive the impact or quality of research differently. If none of the journals will consider the manuscript, please send us the submitted manuscript and the letters received from the journals so that we can discuss possible options for the manuscript and future journals.