Journal Submission

Generally, all manuscripts should be submitted to the journal by the corresponding author. However, we understand that some authors are unable or unwilling to upload the necessary information, or are worried that they might miss something. Therefore, we can submit the manuscript on your behalf once all content has been finalised.

We will ensure that the manuscript is uploaded correctly and that any potential issues are addressed during the submission process.

Please note that Journal Submission can only be ordered for manuscripts that have been edited by us and a Presubmission Screening Report has been completed. We can use a cover letter prepared by yourself, but we do recommend using our Cover Letter Service.


What are your Journal Submission Fees?

NZ$150 per hour

Because the scope of this service is influenced by the journal’s submission process and the manuscripts itself, the fee for this service is based on the number of hours we take, and we invoice once the manuscript has been submitted. A typical submission may take 2 hours to complete ($300).

This service is only available to authors who have requested English Language Editing and Presubmission Screening Report for their manuscript.

What is your Service Timeline?

We will start the submission process within 4 working days of confirmation that the manuscript is ready for submission (and verified by us). The time taken to complete submission will depend on whether we….