Journal Cover Letters

When submitting a manuscript, it is often necessary to include a cover letter with the manuscript. Some journals have specific requirements about what information should be included in the letter. At the least, we recommend that cover letters include the following:

  • Name of the journal’s editor
  • Introductory paragraph including the title of the manuscript and lead author(s)
  • Brief background to the research and key findings
  • A statement describing why the journal and its readers be interested in the manuscript
  • Statements on prior publication (including any abstracts), author contributions, and author disclosures
  • Address for the corresponding author
  • A list of potential reviewers*
  • A list of any reviewers to be excluded (e.g., for reasons of conflict of interest, collaborations within last 2-3 years)

*We do not search for potential reviewers, but we can offer this service on request.


What are your Cover Letter fees?

NZ$150 per cover letter

What is you service timeline?

The turnaround time is 7 working days from written acceptance of the quote. If a Cover Letter is ordered at the same time as Scientific or Medical English Editing, the report will be returned together with the manuscript. If multiple services are ordered at the same time, we may extend the turnaround time and notify you in the written quotation.