Journal Author Services

Journal Cover Letters

When submitting a manuscript, it is often necessary to include a cover letter with the manuscript. Some journals have specific requirements about what information should be included in the letter.

Presubmission Screening Report

Journal Submission

Generally, all manuscripts should be submitted to the journal by the corresponding author. However, we understand that some authors are unable or unwilling to upload the necessary information, or are worried that they might miss something and we can submit manuscripts on your behalf.

Journal Suggestion Reports

Journal Suggestions Report

Using a copy of your manuscript, we prepare a list of three possible journals that we think would be suitable targets for your manuscript. If you have a target in mind, we can assess the suitability of this target and provide advice on alternative possibilities that may be as good or better, or may provide good second-choice targets.

Experienced English Editors

Pre-submission Screening Report

Presubmission screening of your manuscript is an important stage to help ensure your manuscript is ready for submission. We look at all aspects of the manuscript to identify any of the technical issues that might arise during the submission process.